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Dispute resolution

We provide market-leading legal and commercial advice on litigation, arbitration and other types of dispute resolution.

We believe that successful litigation requires more than intimate understanding of applicable law. It is a prerequisite that the litigator is naturally curious enough to ask the “stupid questions” and obtain intimate knowledge on the business and the specific facts that matters in each case.


We focus on the goal and do not initiate lengthy procedural sub-disputes, unless they are of real importance to the matter.


We utilize modern IT technology solutions to provide better, faster and cheaper results for our clients.


We have considerable experience in handling complex legal conflicts of every kind and are always highly focused on both the legal and the commercial aspects of our clients' cases. We handle litigation before all Danish courts and arbitration tribunals within a wide range of business law with a particular focus on:


  • Product liability

  • Management liability (D&O)

  • Auditors liability

  • Insurance

  • Construction (including advisors liability)

  • Real estate

  • Insolvency


Trial and arbitrational processes often span over several years and are often characterized by many unknown factors. For those reasons, it is often difficult to estimate the necessary amount of resources needed on each matter, and consequently our legal fees, in advance We recognize, however, that our clients may have a need to fix legal fees in advance, and we therefore strive to offer fixed or capped price solutions, if required.

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