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OUR story

TREP was founded in 2016 by attorneys Peter Smith and Peter Honoré. We have worked together for a substantial number of years in the biggest law firm in Denmark, where we handled a large number of strategic, commercial and complicated cases within our respective areas of legal expertise. Business understanding, commercial outsight and top quality is a given for us and shapes how we provide our services to our clients.


We are a dedicated and responsible law firm with constant focus on optimizing all working procedures and processes. We utilize modern IT technology to provide better, faster and cheaper results for our clients. We are ambitious and work in close cooperation with our clients to ensure that we fully understand their business and their actual needs. In short, we combine "big office DNA" with "small office presence".


We have a vision with TREP Law, and that is to aim higher. We strive to deliver dedicated, cost-efficient high quality legal advice that matters. We are accessible and deliver our services in a "no nonsense" format that distinguish us from the traditional perception of what a legal advisor is.

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