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insolvency and restructuring

We act as legal and commercial advisor on all insolvency and restructuring situations, where we offer deep insight into the often complex processes arising from the financial crisis of a business.

Insolvency processes often seem confusing and complicated. We keep the goal in sight and are deeply focused on streamlining processes and providing operational and directly applicable advice, that matters, to our clients.


The preservation of values is key. The best solution requires thoughtful planning, cost-benefit understanding and effective use of the legal and commercial tools that are available in each specific situation.


We have market-leading experience in structuring insolvency processes, both within and outside of bankruptcies, and we act as advisor in all types of financial distress scenarios.


We also represent clients purchasing all or part of a bankrupt business, including in relation to the pricing and the securing and transfer of relevant assets and information.


We have many years of experience in handling bankruptcies, restructurings, establishment of debt plans, restructurings and liquidations, and we have considerable experience in litigating all types of issues within the area of insolvency.


We have in this respect handled a large number of cases for and against bankruptcy estates relating to:


  • avoidance and annulment,

  • separatist claims,

  • distribution of special rights and assets,

  • adjudication of claims and

  • liability, including management and auditor liability cases

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