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REal estate

Real estate is a vast, carefully regulated and dynamic market that requires strong network relations, professional ambition, market insight and credibility from a legal advisor.

We handle both standard and complex real estate matters and provide cost-efficient, operational and no nonsense advice.


We have extensive and long-standing experience in advising on matters relating to real estate, in particular transactions of individual properties and property portfolios, residential lease issues, administration issues, commercial leases and construction. We also handle disputes of any kind within the area of real estate.


We are market leading specialists in handling real estate in insolvency situations, and we have in that capacity assisted both owners, buyers and financial institutions with the handling, management and realization of real estate portfolios, both in M&A processes, in foreclosure proceedings and as restructurings.

We also assist landlords, mortgage holders and other creditors with the recovery of their claims, and we have considerable experience in handling foreclosures and other processes in the Bailiff’s Courts, including the somewhat distinct area of enforcing lease contracts.

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